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SSgt Zoe Beckett and Sgt Sharon Gotora will be completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon wearing uniform, loaded with a 15kg Bergen

Zoe and Sharon in running gear.On the 08 October 2017 Both Zoe and Sharon will be completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon wearing uniform, loaded with a 15kg Bergen.

Zoe writes: "We are raising money for The Royal British Legion which are the UK's leading charity providing financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their dependents. All donations are greatly appreciated and will motivate us to keep going during the strenuous times ahead and also on the day of the event."

All the money raised will go to a truly worthwhile cause "The British Legion".

All help and support would be greatly appreciated. Link to our Justgiving page: Donate now.

About the RADC Association

The Royal Army Dental Corps Association was founded from an original proposal made in 1951 and is now registered as a charity. The Aims of the Association include:

    RAVC in Afghanistan
  • Creating a bond of friendship between past and present members of the Corps and those members of the ATS and QARANC who have been associated with the Corps.

  • Bringing to the attention of the RADC Benevolent Fund any cases of members, their widows, children and dependants who may require assistance due to poverty or distress.

  • Assisting in finding employment for its members.

  • Organizing social events for members.

Subscription and Membership

The present subscription is £5 per year and £15 Every 3 years. Membership includes a copy of the Association News Letter each Spring and a copy of the RADC Bulletin each Autumn.

New Life Membership is no longer available. Members are requested to notify the Regimental Secretary of any change of address.

Ordinary Membership of the Association is open to:

    RAVC in Afghanistan
  • All ranks past and present that have served with The Army Dental Corps or the Royal Army Dental Corps (including Reserve).

  • All ranks of the ATS and QARANC who have served in the dental trades of these Corps.

  • Associate Membership is open to members past and present of all arms who have been attached to the RADC for duty and to civilians trained by the RADC or established civil servants employed within the RADC.

  • Honorary Membership WW2 veterans may be nominated or may apply for membership. The number of Honorary Members is limited to 50. Honorary Members have no voting rights.

  • Those who are not already members and wish to join, should complete the form on the Contact Us page and submit it with your details.

Have you thought of joining 'Friends of the AMS Museum'?

RAVC in AfghanistanThe Army Medical Services Museum is looking for a new ‘home’ and some of you will have read in recent editions of the RADC Bulletin the proposals as to where it may eventually move and be relocated.

The move will obviously involve a lot of work and by joining Friends of the Army Medical Services Museum you will be able to contribute to the maintenance and future development of the Museum including the acquisition of the most favourable location for the Museum to continue its work.

To join is simple, complete the application form and send to Army Medical Services Museum, Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Aldershot, GU12 5RQ.

The Museum is constantly on the lookout for new acquisitions. Any items of interest you hold e.g. letters, photographs, artefacts etc; relating to the time you served in the RADC and which you have no further use may well be of interest to the Museum. Does the Museum archive have a written history of your career and time spent in the Corps?

While you may feel it is of little relevant interest it would certainly be part of the Corps History and of great interest for generations to come! So do not hold back, do not be shy, put pen to paper or fingers to the key board and let the Museum have the details.